Look, its me!

Look, its me!
Well Hello There

sábado, 18 de agosto de 2012

Another day in the office

Peter & I Underwater.
Hello again everyone, I'm back.

So today diving has been cancelled due to weather
conditions. I thought i would give a quick update.

Peter finished his Divemaster exam today, he got a final overall score of 96%, a very respectable score might i add.

We have spent most of the day doing shop work, repairing equipment, paperwork, administration stuff, checking stock etc. Basic shop stuff really.

Might be bad weather for introductions but not for a hardened scotsman like myself..

Peter - "Iain, there is only 5 meter vis...."
Iain   - "Thats 4 more than i need"

And off we go! It was a truly epic dive.  Brings me back to my days with Aquatron down at Loch Long.

So i have tomorrow off so i might go exploring, we will see. Back to cleaning. Byeeeeee

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  1. Great to know all that cold water diving in Scotland, in a dry suit and no vis, was good training for you even in Crete!

  2. hi there, i would like to know how it is to work for creta maris,they have offered me work there as divemaster,i would appreciate it if you can answer me quickly,thanks